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Guide to African American & Black History Resources in the Patricia Lennon Archives Center

African American and Black experiences have been of fundamental importance to the history of Haddonfield and the wider Camden County area. With this guide, we have created a list of materials in HSH’s collections that we think will be helpful to researchers interested in African American and Black history. We note that, as African American and Black history is also American history, the people who appear in these documents will appear in sources outside of this list. We are providing this list as a starting point for further exploration and research.

The web resource that you are reading today is not the final version nor is it intended to be. As we locate more materials in the collection that pertain to African American and Black history in the Borough and in the surrounding area, we will add to this resource. PLAC also actively collects primary sources related to African American and Black history in line with its collection policy. If you are interested in donating material (or if you would be interested in allowing PLAC to scan and return material to you) please contact the Archivist.

Last updated, 3/6/2024.