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Some Collection Highlights

Collection Overview

We have personal and family papers, as well as organizational records for groups both large and small (see below). Our Ledger Collection contains a variety of business records, organizational records, genealogies, scrapbooks, financial records, and other materials from the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries (see below). We hold cemetery surveys for the Haddonfield Methodist Cemetery, Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery, and Colestown Cemetery in Cherry Hill, as well as partial records for the Mt. Peace Cemetery in Lawnside. We have a large number of original recorded and unrecorded deeds, and various maps and atlases.

We also maintain vertical files with research information about Haddonfield buildings and properties, people, and other assorted subjects.

We have a collection of Borough directories from roughly 1884-1961, and Haddonfield Memorial High School yearbooks from roughly 1916-1992.

We have an extensive collection of photographs and postcards depicting Haddonfield and local individuals, as well as photographs collected by the editor of the Haddon Town Crier Herald newspaper.

We have recordings and transcriptions for a series of oral history interviews conducted by Tillie Clement and others and previously kept at the Haddonfield Public Library.


Manuscript Collections & Personal Papers—Families / Individuals

Here is a sampling of the personal papers of families and individuals from Haddonfield. Please note that some of our collections are stored off-site; please contact us to learn more about these collections before visiting the library in person.

  • Aiken, Joan L.
  • Allen, Rev. William, Jr.
  • Andress family
  • Bannister family
  • Bassett, Daniel
  • Blair family
  • Brigham family
  • Braddock, Charles S.
  • Browning, Joshua P.
  • Cane / Cain family
  • Capern family
  • Clement family
  • Collings family
  • Danenhower family
  • Day, Stephen Munson
  • DeCou family
  • Dunphey family
  • Ellis family
  • Engle family
  • Estaugh family
  • Evans family
  • Everett family
  • Fithian family
  • Ford family
  • Fox family
  • Gibbs family
  • Githens family
  • Glover family
  • Goldsmith family
  • Groves, Hannah Cutler
  • Haddon family
  • Harvey, Cyril Hingston
  • Hillman family
  • Hinchman family
  • Hopkins family
  • Kay family
  • Lyons family
  • Magoun, Mary Young
  • Middleton, Emma
  • Moore family
  • Nicholson family
  • Peale family
  • Potter family
  • Redman family
  • Reeves family
  • Reilly family
  • Rhoads family
  • Rhoads, Samuel Nicholson
  • Rossell, Marcia Amison
  • Rowand family
  • Rulon family
  • Searle, William A.
  • Snyder family
  • Stafford family
  • Stokes family
  • Stoy family
  • Stretch family
  • Tatem family
  • Trend family
  • Wallworth, Joseph Franklin
  • Wescott, Marion (pen name Marion Sturges-Jones)
  • Willard family
  • Williamson, Jack
  • Willits family
  • Wittwer family
  • Wood family

Archives/ Records Collections—Organizations / Businesses / Institutions

Here is a sampling of our archival collections of organizational, business, and institutional records. Please note that some of our collections are stored off-site; please contact us to learn more about these collections before visiting the library in person.

  • Citizens Association of Haddonfield
  • Crows Woods Nature Association
  • Daughters of 1812, Captain James Lawrence Chapter
  • Evesham Social Reading Circle
  • H.A.T.C.H. [Haddonfield Acts to Create Hadrosaurus foulkii]
  • Haddon Grange
  • Haddonfield Agassiz Association Chapter 342
  • Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery
  • Haddonfield Celebrations Association
  • Haddonfield Civic Association
  • Haddonfield Mothers & Teachers club
  • Haddonfield Natural Science Club
  • Haddonfield Parent Teacher Association
  • Haddonfield Sewing League
  • Haddonfield Sewing Society
  • Haddonfield Stamp Club
  • Historical Society of Haddonfield
  • Ladies of G. A. R. Hatch Circle #2
  • Mercer County Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
  • Mt. Peace Cemetery of Lawnside
  • Needlework Guild of America, Haddonfield Chapter
  • Parent Teacher Association of E. Haddon School
  • Parnassus Reading Club
  • Volunteer Police Reserve Association of Haddonfield