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The Gardens

The herb garden located in front of the office was created by the Haddonfield Garden Club in 1976 and dedicated to Helen Branson, an avid gardener. Members of the club continue to maintain that space.

The gardens behind Greenfield Hall are available to rent for events. Click on the image for a larger view of the garden area.

HSH-wedding3-full1 HSH-wedding4-full1  
View of wedding with a two tent set-up as seen from the Greenfield Hall patio. A tent was placed on the terrace as well as one tent on the lawn. After the wedding ceremony (performed in front of the white arbor), guest chairs were removed and round dining tables were set up. Round tables were also set up under the tent on the lawn, providing for seating of approximately 80 total.
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 Garden  Garden  Garden
Garden Garden Garden
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