Searching for Descendants of Southern New Jersey Suffragists

(Adapted from an article in the Historical Society’s November 2019 Bulletin newsletter)

By Lisa Hendrickson, Alice Paul Institute

In 2020, the Alice Paul Institute will host a suffrage celebration at Paulsdale in Mount Laurel, NJ honoring the efforts of so many New Jerseyans who fought for the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote.

The Institute is working to compile a list of all the amazing women who worked for the suffrage cause. Can you help expand or enhance our lists for Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester counties, or help us connect with descendants of any of these women? Please contact Lisa Hendrickson at [email protected].


  *denotes African American suffragist

  Bold denotes prominent suffragist

BEVERLY: Mrs. A. H. MacPherson

BORDENTOWN (Bordentown Equal Suffrage League): *Mrs. W. R. Valentine; Mrs. Harold B. Wells

CAMDEN (Camden Equal Suffrage League [1896], Camden Equal Franchise League): *Mrs. Mary Ashley; Mrs. F. A. Bailey; Mrs. D. H. Bentley; Mrs. F. G. C. Bleakley; Mrs. Vincent (Edith M.) Bodine; *Mrs. Elizabeth Bond; Mrs. Charles Buckwalter; *Mrs. Mrs. Martha Cole; *Mrs. Issac Cotton; Mrs. Craigan; Mrs. Mamie A. Crandall; Mrs. F. R. English; Mrs. Levi E. Farnham; Mrs. Charles Felton; Mrs. H. I. Felton; *Mrs. Annie Fisher; Mrs. Abraham Fuhrmann; Mrs. N. Fuhrmann; *Miss Antonette Ireland; *Mrs. K. J. Johnson; Mrs. F. Josephson; Mrs. William Keller; Mrs. Mary K. Kobus; Mrs. John E. (Elizabeth) Kuenzel; *Mrs. Alice Laws; Mrs. Ahab Haines (Miriam Early) Lippincott; Mrs. H. G. Longwell; Mrs. Alfred Lowry; Mrs. A. J. Marrison; Mrs. Mariana Matlack; Mrs. W. B. MacCallum; *Mrs. Bella Morris; *Mrs. A. Pennick; Miss Emma Sterling Potter; Miss Margaret Potter; Mrs. William Potter; Mrs. J. M. Pullem; *Mrs. Florence Roberts; *Mrs. Elizabeth Sheppard; *Miss Ardley Smith; *Mrs. Rose Taylor; Mrs. Lydia T. Warringon; Mrs. Theodore Warrington; *Mrs. Mamie Williams

CLAYTON: Mrs. Crawford Cohee

COLLINGSWOOD (Collingswood Equal Suffrage League): Mrs. Frank Bailey; Mrs. C. B. Baseler (Basler); Mrs. C. Waldo Batchelor; Mrs. Charles W. Foust; Mrs. E. B. Jillard; Mrs. Paul Rice

FLORENCE: Mrs. D. E. Maxfield

FRANKLINVILLE: Mrs. Marion Homes

GLASSBORO: Mrs. E. J. (Sarah Helen) Blaisdell

HADDONFIELD (Haddonfield Equal Suffrage League): *Mrs. William H. Boone; *Mrs. Marvel Dansbery; *Mrs. Pearlie (Julia) Hart; *Mrs. Jarmon (Martha) Holmes; Mrs. Robert A. (Bertha Shippen) Irving; Mrs. Henry (Mary) Moore; Mrs. William Garrett Moore

MERCHANTVILLE (Merchantville Equal Suffrage League, Merchantville Equal Franchise League): Mrs. Josephine C. Adams; Mrs. Elwood (Sarah) Antrim; Miss Louise Antrim; Mrs. Frank Bailey; Mrs. Frank H. Benrath; Jane E. Dwyer; Mrs. Robert D. (Juliet) Finley; Mrs. John G. Fryer; Miss Daisy Y. Furber; Mrs. Mary C. Furber; Miss Tille Hastings; Mrs. Mahlon F. Ivins, Jr.; Mrs. Joseph P. Manypenny; Mrs. Lillian H. McCarl; Louise Mundy; Mrs. Henry J. Sherman; Mrs. David Taylor; Mrs. Elizabeth Troth; Mrs. Arthur Truscott; Mrs. Irwine Ware; Mrs. John R. Witcraft

MOORESTOWN (Moorestown Equal Suffrage League): Mrs. Lester Collins; Miss Susan B. Eavenson; Miss Alice Henlings; Mrs. Laura Lloyd Heulings; Miss Esther Homes; Mrs. Ward D. (Sarah Jenney) Kerlin; Mrs. Leeds; Miss Susan W. Lippincott; Mrs. Lovet; Mrs. Rebecca H. Matiack; Mrs. John McMullen; Miss Jennie H. Morris; Miss Alice Paul; Miss Helen Paul; Miss Helen Pumyea; Mrs. Emmor Roberts; Mrs. Sarah R. Sullivan

MT. HOLLY: Mrs. A. L. S. Doughty

PALMYRA: Mrs. George Rothenberger

PENNSAUKEN: Mrs. J. Edward Patterson

RIVERSIDE: Miss Alma Steubes

RIVERTON (Riverton Equal Suffrage League): Mrs. Rachel Foster Avery; Miss Annette Campbell; Miss Amelia Coale; Miss Edith Coale; Mrs. E. S. Cole; Mrs. Catherine B. Lippincott; Miss Helen Lippincott; Miss Elizabeth Lippincott; Mrs. Mary W. Lippincott; Miss Beulah Parry; Miss Susanna Parry; Mrs. Mary L. Thomas; Mrs. E. R. H. VanValin; Miss Elizabeth Williams; Mrs. D. Henry Wright

WOODBURY (Woodbury Equal Suffrage League): Mrs. A. W. Betts; Mrs. Aldona Dickeson; Miss Lillian Durrell