Rental FAQs

Q: Are both Greenfield Hall and its Gardens available for rental?

A: It is possible to rent just the Hall, just the Gardens, or both the Hall and the Gardens. Please see the fee schedule for the different rates that also change according to in season or out of season.

Q. Is a Security Deposit required?

A. Yes, a refundable Security Deposit of $500, along with a completed Reservation of Date and Time form ( Download reservation form (PDF format) is necessary to add your private event information to the Greenfield Hall rental calendar. The deposit must be in cash, check or money order. The Security Deposit will be returned within three weeks of the event. In the event that there are damages, theft, destruction or any defacement to the premises, The Historical Society shall deduct the cost of repairs or any necessary replacement from the Security Deposit.

Q: What is the maximum capacity allowed?

A: 50 people inside, however renting both Greenfield Hall along with the patio and grounds allows for up to 100 guests.

Q. Are DJs and amplified music allowed at the events?

A. Unfortunately, because we are located in a residential area and in very close quarters with our neighbors, we cannot allow amplified music or the use of DJs at rental events. Our neighbors have been very supportive of the Historical Society and its mission. We would like to respect their right to “peace and quiet”.

Q: Can the interior of Greenfield Hall be decorated for the event?

A: Yes, but decorations may not be attached with nails or tape. Flowers may be placed on tables and mantles with moisture protection.

Q: What is the layout of the first floor of Greenfield Hall?

A: On the left side of the house, there is a parlor and a dining room which are connected. On the right side of the house, there is another parlor, the “old” kitchen with a brick hearth which is used as a buffet/serving area and behind that is the modern kitchen. There are two bathrooms on the first floor.

Q: What is the layout of the second floor of Greenfield Hall?

A: The second floor of Greenfield Hall has a large bedroom which can be used to change clothing, etc. Across the hall, there is the Exhibit Room which has various Historical Society exhibits throughout the year. The other rooms on the second floor are not available during rentals.

Q: Where can attendees of the event park?

A: Parking for the event is in front of Greenfield Hall, along Kings Highway East and down Roberts Ave, across the street. There is a small parking area in the back for three or four cars.

Q: Can candles or open flames be used inside Greenfield Hall?

A: No, because of the danger of fire, but battery operated candles are permitted.

Q: Can alcoholic beverages be served?

A: Yes, non-alcoholic beverages (soda, juice, water, etc.), wine, and beer may be served. A bartender must be used to serve hard liquor.

Q: Is smoking allowed on the premises of Greenfield Hall and the Gardens?

A: Smoking is allowed outside only. A receptacle for butts must be provided by the caterer or the client and removed at the end of the event.

Q: How can I plan to serve my guests?

A: The Historical Society has a preferred list of party/event planning companies that have organized many different types of events at Greenfield Hall over the past years and so are very familiar with the layout of the Hall as well as its facilities. We are also listed on their certificate of insurance for the protection of the Society during the event, which is a basic requirement for use of Greenfield Hall. We would recommend that you work with a party/event planner on the list for their experience and for insurance reasons. Please call if you have any questions.

Q: How long can the event be?

A: Setup can be up to 3 hours prior to event; the event can be up to 4 hours; cleanup 1.5 hours past event. There will be an additional overtime charge for use of the facility past the indicated hours.

Q: Will a representative of the Historical Society be available “on site” in case of problems?

A: Yes, a “Proctor” is required to be present during the setup, the event and the cleanup. The Proctor will be available during the event for tours of Greenfield Hall, if requested. Please let us know ahead of time. The Proctor must be paid in cash or check at the beginning of the event at a rate of $15/hour. The amount due will be confirmed the week of the event. There will be an additional fee for overtime.

Q: Does the Historical Society provide tables, chair, linens, flatware, etc.?

A. No, the Historical Society does not provide tables, chairs, linen or flatware. Those items must be rented which can be arranged through the caterer or directly through the preferred party rental company, Petrosh Party Rentals (for contact info, see list below).

Q. Who are the approved caterers and party rental companies for the Historical Society?


(If you have a special caterer you would like to use, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss it with you.)

  1. Summit Catering, Dory Valeriano, 856.768.8003,, Email Us
  2. Sensational Host Caterers, Cindy Wooters or Bonnie Shepard, 800.808.2433,, Email Us
  3. Catering by Phillip, Kristin Jason 609.707.6484


(All occasion party rental store: tent, tables, chairs, etc.):

Petrosh’s Big Top Tent Rentals, 455 Philadelphia Ave, Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215

Q. Is there a dance floor inside or outside?

A: Because Greenfield Hall was originally a private residence built in 1841, the parlors and dining room are not large or steady enough to accommodate a dance floor. Outside, the patio and terrace are spacious and, with their fine view of the Gardens, would be a lovely place to dance with or without a rented dance floor. The lawn area in the Garden could accommodate a dance floor but because of the potential to damage the grass, have an additional fee for their use with a strict timetable for set-up with penalties for late pick-up.

Q: Is there a preferred tent/dance floor rental company?

A: Yes, there is and can be arranged independently or through the caterer.

Q: What is the usual set-up for the Gardens regarding tents?

A: Usually a tent is set up on the terrace and also on the lawn area, to accommodate the maximum number of tables and chairs. Please contact us for the name of our preferred party rental company.