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More Research Resources

Researchers may be interested in exploring other repositories’ holdings and other digital history resources for more information about Haddonfield-related topics.

For more information about the Historical Society’s Archives Center and Research Library collections, click here.


Camden County Historical Society –

Gloucester County Historical Society –

Haverford College Libraries (for records of Haddonfield Monthly Meeting) –

Historical Society of Pennsylvania –


Haddonfield Baptist Cemetery –

Haddonfield Friends Burial Ground:

Haddonfield Methodist Cemetery –

Mount Peace Cemetery in Lawnside –


1901 – Hoopes’ Haddonfield Directory (includes Ashland, Batesville, Ellisburg, Haddon Heights and Westmont) –

1910-11 – Derbyshire’s Directory of Haddonfield (includes Batesville) –

1925 – Directory of Haddonfield Including Batesville

“Haddon Heights City Directory Index,” Haddon Heights Library –


1808 – “Hills Record & Historical Map or Plan of the City of Philadelphia and Environs,” published by the Author and Principal Booksellers in Philadelphia, 1808 –

1847 – “Map of the Circuit of Ten Miles Around the City of Philadelphia,” published by Robert P. Smith in 1847 –

1857 – Haddonfield inset of “Map of Camden County, New Jersey,” published by R. L. Barnes in 1857 –

1877 – Area maps in “Atlas of Philadelphia and Environs,” published by G. M. Hopkins in 1877:

1887-1914 – Sanborn Maps of New Jersey: Haddonfield maps from 1887, 1892, 1897, 1902, 1908, and 1914 –

1889 – “Baist’s Map of Philadelphia and Environs,” published by G. Wm. Baist in 1889 –

1907 – Three plates of Haddonfield and Centre Township maps in “Atlas of the Vicinity of Camden, New Jersey,” published by G. M. Hopkins in 1907 –

1919 – Sanborn Maps of New Jersey: Westmont map from 1919 –

Maps of New Jersey –


Haddonfield Basket (1874-1876) and The Basket (1887-1891) digitized by the Historical Society of Haddonfield –

Haddon Gazette (1902-1990) and other local newspapers digitized by Haddonfield Public Library –

Many Camden-area newspapers are available on (subscription-based service)


“An Oral History of Haddonfield” (12 interviews conducted in celebration of Haddonfield’s 300th anniversary) –

Background on Samuel Nicholson Rhoads, one of the founders of the Historical Society and a noted naturalist –

“Black and Red,” HMHS Marching Band History Project –

Camden County Genealogy Resources – FamilySearch Wiki –,_New_Jersey_Genealogy

Haddonfield Historic Preservation Commission –

Historical Society of Haddonfield newsletters from 1958-2011 –

Historical Society of Haddonfield publications from 1922 – No. 1 “A brief history of Mountwell,” by Julia B. Gill and “The Tanyard and its Owners,” by Carrie E. Nicholson Hartel; No. 2. “Birdwood Recollections, 1746-1922,” by Thomas S. Hopkins; “Hopkins’ Pond, A Poem,” by James Lane Pennypacker; “The Story of an Old Home,” by Anna H. Dunbarr; and “The Narrative of an Indian Letter,” by Julia B. Gill –

Philadelphia Architects & Buildings (includes 40 projects in Haddonfield) –

“Place Names in and About Haddonfield,” by William R. Farr, Historical Society of Haddonfield –

“Reconstructing Snow Hill: Lawnside, New Jersey Pre-1926” –

“The Changing Landscape of Camden County, New Jersey” (includes historical maps of Haddonfield and other Camden County locations) –

West Jersey History Project –

West Jersey and South Jersey Heritage –

Updated 8/2/2021